Market Analysis, Market Entry and Market Research

Clear Insights for Strong Decisions

We specialize in market analysis, market entry and market research for the B2B and B2C sectors. By combining qualitative and quantitative methods, we offer analysis tailored to meet your unique needs. The result is clear and actionable insights that provide a solid foundation for strong business decisions. Whether you want to know more about the Swedish, Scandinavian or European markets, we are here to help.

Common Questions


Market size


Value chain

Trends and forecasts

Sales volumes


Willingness to pay

Purchasing processes

Product interest


Decision criteria


Potential partners

Prioritization of markets

Where most value is generated

Potential acquisition targets


Our Methodology

To effectively address your specific questions, we use a comprehensive range of methods. Here are some of the methods we most frequently work with.  

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Working with us

When you work with us, you get access to a dedicated team of specialists. Our expertise includes both qualitative and quantitative data collection, as well as turning collected information into deep insights for a business. We put a high value on understanding. Therefore, each project is led by an experienced project manager with strategic know-how, who tailors the methodology to suit your unique challenges.

We work with most industries, and have coverage in over 80 different countries.
Here are some examples of areas in which we have experience.

Clear decision material

We adapt the decision material to match your specific needs. It can be used as stand-alone decision material or integrated as a key component of an overall market or business strategy.

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