Appointment Booking

We put you face-to-face with qualified decision-makers

In our opinion, there is no other tool that can take a business deal forward more than the personal meeting. We offer a structured process to give you high-quality time with qualified decision-makers. This includes finding, qualifying and booking solid meetings that can lay the foundation for strong business deals.

Our process


We interview you to get an in-depth understanding of your products and services, and what makes interesting buyers.

Identifying the target audience

Based on the market where you want to expand, we build a target group of concrete companies and decision profiles.

Qualification and booking

We systematically contact and qualify the target group to ensure high-quality meetings, designed to deliver results.


Before the meetings, we provide you with a summarized customer profile with information obtained from our conversations.

Meeting profiles

We offer appointment booking with a wide range of profiles, from high-level decision-makers to private individuals.

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Working with us

When you work with us, you get access to a dedicated team of specialists. From strategists to qualified appointment bookers and interviewers.

We are specialized in Sweden, the Nordic countries and Europe, but our coverage extends to over 80 different countries. We work with most industries, and below are some examples of areas we have worked with.

Clear decision material

We adapt the decision material to match your specific needs. It can be used as stand-alone decision material or integrated as a key component of an overall market or business strategy.

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